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and the voice of lisa simpson Need to know: Counting the Krzyzewski family, who always are well represented, Kanken fanny pack there might be a few dozen Duke fans in the audience for this game. But given that South Carolina's campus is 100 miles away and that Tar Heels fans will be there to cheer small backpacks for girls their team and cheer against the Devils, this might be as tough a road atmosphere as the Devils have faced all year. And? Duke at its best is dramatically superior to the Gamecocks.

In April, a 4 1 win over Middlesbrough at the Reebok Stadium at the very beginning of the month would prove to be Bolton's last victory of the season. The week after, Pit Vipers miami nights a visit to Chelsea saw Bolton recover from four goals down to almost snatch a draw, an injury time shot by Gary Cahill being cleared off the Chelsea line. A 1 0 result at Portsmouth was then followed by four successive draws stretching into May, Aston Villa, Sunderland and Pit Viper safety glasses Hull City taking points at the Reebok whilst a local derby at Wigan Athletic.