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hospitals may have to start rationing treatment to the sickest patients because of cash constraints, senior health chiefs claimed today.
Health Secretary , under massive pressure to make money online as a teen the struggling NHS more efficient, has promised that 'every pound' will be 'well spent' going forward.
But senior NHS officials have described the cost-cutting demands as 'eye-watering', warning they will be forced to 'streamline' services.
This could mean closing clinics in some areas and combining them into one, according to NHS Providers.
The body, which represents trust leaders, warned the constraints are 'going to have an impact on the thresholds that people need to meet in order to be treated'.
Saffron Cordery, interim chief executive at NHSP, said this was already the case for mental health services, which have been notoriously underfunded for years.
Health Secretary Sajid Javid, under massive pressure to revolutionise the ailing NHS, has vowed to stamp out both 'waste' and 'wokery'
The number of people waiting for routine hospital treatment in England has soared to another record of 6.36million. NHS data shows one in nine people were in the queue for elective operations such as hip and knee replacements and cataracts surgery by March — up from 6.18m in February 
HM Treasury data shows the NHS received £100.4billion in 2010/11 and its budget had grown steadily until 2019.

In 2020, the NHS was given £129.7billion of core funding for its usual services, which was topped up with an extra £18billion to help with the pressures from the pandemic. For 2021/22 the Treasury said the health service is set to receive £136.1billion pounds of core funding, as well as £3billion to help with the Covid recovery 
The NHS, which gets £136billion of taxpayer cash every year, is also getting an extra £12.5bn a year until 2024, funded by a controversial national insurance hike of 1.25 per cent.
Waiting lists have soared since the Covid crisis reached Britain and caused havoc on hospitals. 

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